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          The Association is an independent, voluntary, public non-profit association for socially beneficial activities of individuals and legal entities to restore, preserve and promote national cultural material and spiritual values, to preserve national environment and biodiversity.


          Main objectives of the Association are:


- to work actively and contribute to the retrieval, preservation, conservation, restoration and sustainable socialization of tangible and intangible cultural values, conservation of natural environment and biodiversity;

- to inform the Bulgarian public with cultural heritage and national wealth of the country and contribute to its protection and preservation for future generations;

- to promote Bulgarian tangible and intangible cultural and natural sites, biodiversity in Europe and worldwide and contribute to the development of cultural tourism and other forms of alternative and sustainable tourism;

- to assist scientific research and studies of Bulgarian tangible and intangible cultural heritage, natural attractions and biodiversity;

- to encourage children and young people to study, preserve and promote cultural heritage and national wealth of Bulgaria;

- to encourage and support the integration of disadvantaged people of all ages through activities related to protection and promotion of cultural heritage and national wealth;


          Methods for achieving the association's objectives are:


- to develop and implement projects aimed at preserving and promoting Bulgarian tangible and intangible cultural and natural heritage;

- to participate in Bulgarian and international programs and projects;

- to organize congresses, conferences, seminars, debates, festivals, workshops, exhibitions and other events;

- to organize campaigning to raise funds for restoration, preservation and promotion of cultural and historical monuments and landmarks;

- to provide expert research on cultural heritage and natural resources;

- to support youth organizations and activities related to the preservation of cultural heritage and its socialization through activities involving students and young people interested in cultural and natural heritage of Bulgaria;

- information and publishing;