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Consecration of the battle flags and celebrating Yordanov den (St. Jordan' Day) /6.01.2013/


     Members of the Association participated in the celebrations on the occasion of St. Jordan' Day. The celebrations started with sanctification of water (vodosvet) in the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral. After the mass, metropolitan bishop Grigoriy of Veliko Tarnovo consecrated the battle flag of the National Military University, as well as the flags of the district and the municipal organization of reserve officers.

     By tradition, the metropolitan threw the Epiphany cross in the Yantra river from the Bishop's bridge. The cross was drawn out by Plamen Bonev – a third year student at the National Military University, majoring in Armoured, technical and motor armed forces.

     Afterwards, everyone who had dared to wade into the river was sprinkled with holy water from the Jordan River which is believed to bring health.