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Restoration of icons from the collection of the "Ilarion Makariopolski" Renaissance Museum in the town of Elena /15.12.2012/


     The chairwoman of the Board of the Association, Milena Trifonova, and the consultant, associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov, handed in the restored icons of the Holly Prophet Elijah and the Saints Peter and Paul to the director of the museum - Mr. Georgi Stefanov. The icons date back to the middle of the 19th century and are of great artistic value.

     The restoration itself was performed by associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov, who is listed in the public register, in keeping with the Cultural Heritage Act, as an expert in conservation and restoration of cultural valuables.

     The restored icons will add to the museum's collection of icons. Associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov contributed to the creation of this collection as far back as the late 80s.