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Opening of an exhibition of Hristo Panev /26.11.2012 г./


     Members of the Association participated in the opening of an exhibition of the famous artist Hristo Panev. The exhibition was dedicated to his 70th birthday.

     The author exhibits nearly 170 paintings that have been created in different periods of his life. Graphics, drawings, water-colours, frescos and abstract paintings were displayed in the showrooms. The exhibition was opened by Professor Sava Vasilev.

     Hristo Panev continues to paint in his studio and his works are displayed in the family gallery of "Panevi", which is located on the "Samovodska charshiq" street. There, art lovers can see not only his works, but those of his wife - Ivanichka and his son – Gabriel, who is also an artist.

     Recently, Hristo Panev became a member of the International Academy of Art in Russia. At an official ceremony in Moscow, he received the title of academician and currently he is the only Bulgarian to be accepted as a member of this international organization.