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Participation in the renovation of the murals in "St. George's Church" in the village of Arbanasi /5.11.2012/


     The consultant of the Association, associate professor Evgeniy Nikolov, was invited to join the team, working on the project for renovation and preservation of St. George's Church in the village of Arbanasi" by the art restorer Zamfir Petrov – leader of the conservation and restoration works. The chairwoman of the Association Board, Milena Trifonova, also attended the meeting.

    The church was erected in the southeastern part of Arbanasi in 1661. The mural paintings were dated to 1710. 300 square meters of murals were removed during the initial restoration works that took place in the 1970s. Some of them are irreparably damaged, however more than 200 square meters of them will be restored.

     The restoration team works with great professionalism and this renovation is unique to Bulgaria.