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Visiting the exhibition of Christian relics and reliquaries from Bulgaria, V – XIX century /01.11.2012/


     The members of the Association visited the exhibition of Christian relics from the period between V and XIX century, arranged by the National Museum of History and the Museum in Varna. This is the first time that the National Museum of History displays relics from its secret golden collection in Veliko Tarnovo. In the exhibition are included reliquaries, monstrances, crosses and icons made of gold, silver, marble and alabaster.

     In the exhibition was also included a replica of the reliquary, discovered near Sozopol by professor Kazimir Popkonstantinov, an archaeologist from Veliko Tarnovo. The original reliquary contained fragments from the relics of John the Baptist. The replica was created by experts from National Geographic Channel to be used in the making of the film about the archaeologist and his world-famous discovery.